Advantages & Benefits

Making Renewable Energy Dependable


The Eagle Mountain Pumped storage project will generate 1,300 MW of electricity available when it is needed. Pumped storage is the only proven utility-scale technology that allows energy to be stored in the off-peak period to be utilized during on-peak hours. It will provide electricity during peak electrical demand periods, unexpected generation outages and help correct imbalances in the southwestern grid. Through its ability to store the off-peak energy produced by wind turbines, solar panels, and baseload nuclear and fossil fuel plants, this single project can accomplish the equivalent of many smaller peak-energy projects and make renewable wind and solar projects fully integrated and reliable generation sources.


The project also has access to lower-cost off-peak energy resources in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California during off-peak hours that might otherwise be lost in the system. This will allow the project to provide clean power at low market prices, helping to stabilize pricing long into the future for residents, business and industry.



Environmental Benefits


The Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage project will bring clean electric power to Southern California. Utilizing a depleted mine site, the Project will generate emission-free hydroelectric power for daily peak energy demands.


Because the project will be situated on an existing, highly disturbed site for which roads were already built and because it will be located at a high elevation in an arid desert region, impacts to the environment, recreation and aesthetics of Riverside County will be minimal. It is anticipated that the project will have no significant impacts to the local ground water; geology or hydrology; native or migrating animals and plant communities; Native American or culture resources; infrastructure; aesthetics or recreation.


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